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Office Details

Our office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota [specific address at the bottom of this page]. 


Redefining Fuerza currently offers in-person sessions on Wednesdays, in addition to virtual therapy sessions throughout the week.  Virtual therapy is offered to folks located anywhere in the state of Minnesota.


Redefining Fuerza

Iridescent Care Collaborative

Redefining Fuerza utilizes office space through a practice called Iridescent Care Collaborative.  This location allows for the private practice to still exist in community with other providers, while maintaining autonomy for the business, the clients, and the therapeutic approach. 


Iridescent Care Collaborative is comprised of likeminded therapists with similar core values and varied clinical experiences.  Working in connection with Iridescent allows for Redefining Fuerza to remain accountable to networking and consultation with other providers, ensuring access to the best therapeutic care possible for all clients.  Iridescent Care Collaborative values and provides inclusive space and services to the marginalized communities with whom Redefining Fuerza most frequently works. 


To find out more about Iridescent Care Collaborative and their additional providers, please visit their website.

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